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Recently I wrote about how I’ve been “in counseling” for the past 30 years …. meaning, actually, that my Counselor has been the Holy Spirit (John 15:26, 16:7) for these past 3 decades.

Well, sometimes when I write out my thoughts, what I DON’T SAY is heard more loudly than what I do say.  That was the case with this recent blog entry.  People mistakenly thought that I am anti-counseling, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  I am actually a strong believer in the powerful, positive effects of good counseling — whether from professionally-trained counselors or from less-trained but loving friends, mentors, and church associates.

I believe in counseling, human to human.

As a result, to avoid any further confusion, I’ve decided to remove the earlier post.  Again, not because it said the “wrong thing” in any way (it didn’t), but because of my inability to successfully use the English language to clearly and crisply say what I mean without the unintended inference of being anti-counseling.

To any who made this inference, I apologize for not anticipating your legitimate deduction.

Oh, the travails of communicating in written words! So easily misunderstood, yet words are the only tools we have to work with.  I shall trudge onward, even using these same tools, to hopefully honor and cherish my Lord Jesus, and perhaps help a person or two along the way.

And, I will forever embrace the power of apology.  I am often wrong, and regularly ask for others’ forgiveness, for my careless or too-quickly-given words.


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Quote of the Day

“It’s been said that there are 5 Gospel accounts:  Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and your life.  And unfortunately, most of your friends won’t read the first 4.”

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