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I think enough time has passed for me to comment on the death of Steve Jobs.

First, let me say (along with everyone else):  I love the products that Steve Jobs helped create.  I’m typing this on my MacBook Pro, and I love my new iPhone 4s.  But I could easily live without either.  In fact, I would gladly do so, for the chance to have talked to Steve Jobs about Jesus.

When Jobs died last month, I noticed the accolades and well-wishes for him.  People felt close to Jobs via his products, and they felt pain at his death … though they didn’t really know him.  (Such are the strange consequences of worshipping “celebrities” in our culture today.)

However, what I didn’t observe was far more telling, especially among those who claim that Jesus is essential to real Life.  What I didn’t see was any reflection on this question: “what’s next for Steve Jobs?”   The elephant in the room, which no Christians seemed willing to talk about, was that Steve Jobs had no saving interest in Jesus.

So, what do we do with that?  One thing is sure: if we do nothing, if we draw no conclusions, we tacitly admit that whatever our culture imagines to be true about afterlife is a better explanation than what God has declared to be true about afterlife in His Word, the Bible.  That last sentence was long, but important.  Re-read it.

What I mean is this — Jesus said, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?   For what will a man give in exchange for his soul?   (Mark 8:36-37)      When Jesus said that, He meant it.  People die every day, including famous ones like Steve Jobs.  Famous people who make cool tech products are not immune from Jesus’ words.  Steve Jobs wasted his life, because Steve Jobs ignored Jesus.  Squandered, wasted, forfeited.   What no one is saying, because it seems harsh and judgmental and inappropriate, is that Steve Jobs utterly wasted his life and will experience the consequences of that forever.

Not a pleasant blog post, eh?  No, it’s not.  But is the goal Pleasantness, or following Jesus?  I’m afraid my 21st Century Christian culture has chosen Pleasantness above Jesus.  “Don’t say anything at all that will rock the boat, that will appear intolerant” …. even if you end up saying something that is untrue and anti-Jesus.

The Bible says that God takes no delight in people’s death, not even in the death of the wicked.  But death is in each of our futures.  My question: what are you going to do with Jesus?  He is the fork in the road.  You can’t stay neutral about him.  It’s either Left or Right.  Steve Jobs, it seems, remained neutral … which is to say, he chose poorly.

What a sad life.  Not one to be admired, but pitied.  It makes me sad.


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