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The Righteous Branch

I had the opportunity of speaking yesterday at Covenant Presbyterian Church on Jeremiah 23:5-6.  The passage speaks about the coming Messiah Jesus, the “Righteous Branch” who will reign as King and be called by the name “The LORD our Righteousness.”  It was such a delight to my heart to speak about Jesus from this OT passage.

Anyway, some have requested copies of 2 of the slides I used.  They are here: Jeremiah 23 The Righteous Branch    One slide shows the OT references to Jesus being the branch/shoot/roots from David/Jesse.  The second slide shows the side-by-side reality that the Messiah is both God and Man at the same time (as even the OT predicted, with Zechariah 6:12 calling him a “Man” and Jeremiah 23:6 calling him “God” by using Hebrew YHWH/”LORD”).  The dual natures of Jesus the Messiah!  Awesome.  I love it.

Jesus, my righteousness!  Being forgiven of sin is awesome, and it means that God says to me, “Dan, you are free from liability; you may go.”  But even further, Jesus’ righteousness has now been credited to my account, and God essentially says, “Dan, all the awards and honors that Jesus deserves now hang around your neck like a congressional Medal of Honor, and all the universe salutes!   Dan, you may come (into my presence)!”  That is way more than forgiveness!    (Thoughts borrowed from Tim Keller, but owned by me).

Have a great day with the Righteous Branch!  He came.  He will come again.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.


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