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Below is a PDF with some of the notes from my 4 talks on “Living a Life of Faith.”  Hope they are helpful for you!


VT WPA Fall Retreat Notes, 2011


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So many collegians are ****-bent on finding the right mate, that they get clouded in their minds about what really matters.  Let me offer some fast advice.

While in college, you’ll negotiate the 3 Big M’s of your life:  Master, Mission, Mate.  Who will be your Master (you or Jesus)?  What will be your life’s Mission (God’s plan or your plan)?  And, the one you really want to know: Who will be your Mate?

I recommend you tackle the 3 M’s in that order:  Master  –> Mission –> Mate.

Re: Mate.  How many do you want to marry in your lifetime?  I’ve never heard anyone say anything except, “JUST ONE!”  Ok, then let’s make this clear: it is not more difficult for God to find that “one” from a group of 10 than from a college campus of 10,000.  Your odds don’t decrease when you leave college, just because the sheer number of possible mates declines.  Why?  Simply, because odds don’t mean anything to an omnipotent God.

So, instead of going crazy trying to find the right mate before graduation, I have another idea: why not try becoming the right kind of person who will one day be able to bless your spouse and marriage?  In other words, Men, if you want to marry a Queen someday, that means you’ll need to become a King.  Start working on becoming a King in college.  Ladies, do you want to marry a King?  You’d better start becoming a Queen.  It’s all about becoming the right kind of person.  College is perfect time for that!

Finally, I leave you with the wisdom of John Piper on this subject, and it’s a piece of gold:

Before you marry, you must look them in the eye and say, “You are #2.”  If that is not sweet joy to them, then don’t marry them.                    –John Piper

The secret: Jesus must be #1.  Mate is #2.

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